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Trouble at Mill

Trouble at Mill

I will be @ TROUBLE AT MILL on Saturday 1st December from 1-3pm to chat about three handwoven pieces I have made in collaboration. The Christmas pop up department store is open;

Friday 4-7pm
Saturday 11-6pm
Sunday 11-6pm

50 Beech Road, M1 9EG

Chorlton’s boutique – just three doors down from McQueen Independent – is so deathlessly cool that it doesn’t even have a sign outside, or a proper online presence. (Don’t worry though, it’s not one of those bracingly high-fashion establishments where you’re made to feel like a stinking interloper simply for daring to venture inside.)

With a slightly more handmade/bespoke vibe than McQueen, Trouble At Mill garners much of its stock from up-and-coming British micro-labels. The shop also sells unique in-house creations, hand-crafted in offbeat lux fabrics – yellow mohair, white Japanese selvedge denim etc.

Trouble At Mill is also happy to take on commissions, or provide alterations or customisations to existing clothes. Womenswear aside, the shop also carries small selections of furniture, homeware and babywear, all of it beautifully made and cooler than ice cream.

Kat Poole – Editor
Emerald Street

Nov 29th 2018