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The film is finished, It's been an incredible journey.

Just the website to complete, before its release.


A labour of love

Director: Alex Crystal.

Experience the sincere essence of 'Kate,' an exquisite short independent film that weaves a mesmerising tale of one artist's profound connection with the world, her craft, and her personal history. Through the lens of director Alex Crystal, with a score by Max Wilson, 'Kate' emerges as a poignant exploration of the red thread that binds us all.

At its core, 'Kate' sets out to provide a glimpse into the rich tapestry of the textiles industry in the United Kingdom, but it effortlessly transcends its initial purpose. Delving deep into the life of Kate Whitehead, the film unearths her profound and emotive relationship with materials, tracing her journey from tender childhood years through the turbulent terrain of adolescence and into the embrace of adulthood.

It is a narrative that resonates with countless lives, yet remains wholly unique, often revealing moments of raw vulnerability when we see Kate navigating news that transpires from her first months on the planet into her present day.

Jul 11th 2023