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Sit Select Workshop 2018

Sit Select Workshop 2018

Enjoy a two day workshop with experienced tutor and textile artist Kate Whitehead.

Date: Saturday 18 August and Sunday 19 August
Time: Saturday 11 am – 5 pm, Sunday 11 am – 4 pm
Venue: Select Studio, CSA Lansdown 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB

My two day Indigo and weave workshops are focused on seeing the potential in forgotten materials. You are invited to bring your fabric/ garments that have a special story, memory or meaning, that you will dismantle and have the opportunity to dip dye and to create a unique piece of weave to treasure. A time to get away from the fast pace of our digital lives and to embrace slow craft processors.Day One
Kate will talk about what inspires her work and her journey since graduating 4 years ago.
The weekend will comprise of:
Mark making, a discussion of depth of colour, areas of the cloth/garment to be stitched, folded, knotted that will create interesting patterns when dyed.
Take time and consideration to create marks in fabric being dyed
Kate will talk about Indigo as a dye and its values

You will dye selected fabrics in indigo Day Two
A chance to look at students dyed fabric/yarn
Each student will choose their frame for weaving on
Learning about the warp and weft, how to put the warp on the frame.
Yarns suitable for the warp and weft.
Each student will put on their warp then use materials/yarns to create a handwoven piece
An opportunity to look at each others work to discuss and photograph.

Tickets: Full price £175 SIT select Members discount £150


Apr 24th 2018