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Great escape in art

Great escape in art

Kate Whitehead.

I find it easy to express myself through imagery, mainly photography. Easy to talk, not as easy through written content.

I have recently started speaking into a dictaphone that transcribes what I say, a trick I learned from a friend.

I’m aware as we all are of what’s s going on in the world. The pain and suffering we witness everyday. A world in trauma.

Finding solace in creativity, music and cycling. Sparkly escapism…

I share photographs in the hope that others can escape for a while too.

I’m looking forward to starting my artist in residency in the new year. A film I have been working on in collaboration with.. is the platform for it and I will be making textile pieces to show with the film. An event. Starting in Bradford and Manchester. Community.

Although I live in Manchester, I have a strong connection with Bradford I went to school there. In those days you could mainly find me standing in a doorway outside the hmv shop. Watching and listening . A young punk. The music, lyrics, rebellion, misfits, outlook made sense to me, more sense than anything else. Hitching to London to see bands. Travelling in the back of a van with other free spirits. Still my preferred mode of transport.

I hadn’t realised at age 13, the reason this scene made sense, was it had creativity. I am and always have been creative. It can sometimes feel exhausting, a constant force of ideas, colours, shapes, imagery. It would be helpful to have an off switch sometimes so I could stop the constant stream. Not that I'm complaining, I am and will always be incredibly thankful, for the great escape in art.

Love & Peace. x

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Jan 03rd 2024