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New normal

New normal

I fell out with nature in my late teens, having spent my childhood in a rural area, I missed friends, live music and being part of a more creative environment. With so many of my textile practice plans on hold or postponed this year I found myself wandering around quiet places and spaces. Revisiting nature reminded me of my childhood freedom and free spirit, I fell back in love with it and now can't get enough of walking, cycling and being in complete awe of Mother natures beauty. I am so grateful to have had some time to be remind myself that working hard is good but remembering to look after yourself and your well-being is vital.

Slowly but surely I have managed to find a new normal, enjoying photography on my early morning walks, weaving, stitching and creating a handmade garment a month to dip dye and embroider. Building a collection for 2021.

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Aug 13th 2020