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Portal 2018 and One Year On

Portal 2018 and One Year On

The year’s finest graduates in the Applied Arts

4th August – 22nd September 2018

LGAC have travelled the UK to select the cream of this year’s graduates in the applied arts, searching for those who are pushing the boundaries of applied art whilst maintaining and developing the traditions of their craft. These are the makers and designers destined to lead and shape the next generation of applied artists.
Portal: Rhys Bullock, Sarah Cathers, Sarah Christian, Aileen Gray, Zoe Hutchinson, Jennifer Kate, Poppy Norton, Sammi Pearce, Annie Preece, Abigail Reid-Ingram, Rebecca Rowland-Chandler, Ella Smith, Megan Smith, Romilly Tucker, Sarah Wygas.One Year On: Miki Asai , Kate Bergin, Bronwen Grieve, Francisca Onumah, Fern Robinson, Samantha Silverton, Kate Whitehead.

Jun 20th 2018