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Selvedge Magazine - Indigo workshop

Selvedge Magazine - Indigo workshop

For the first time, the Selvedge Fair travels to Pendle in Lancashire, an area that is shaped by textiles. The fair is part of Fabrications, the UK's first festival that celebrates and explores textiles and the textile industry.The Selvedge Fair in Pendle will bring together a curated collection of makers and merchants and is an opportunity to meet makers, catch up with friends and find that special something. Visitors can also take part in one of the complimentary workshops, details below.

Memory and meaning Indigo workshop with Kate Whitehead


A celebration of textiles through the eyes of artists in Pennine Lancashire September 2017

Pennine Lancashire is shaped by textiles, they are woven through our social and urban fabric. By the end of the 19th century the area was producing 85% of the world’s cotton goods. Drawing on this rich heritage, Fabrications is the UK’s first festival that celebrates and explores textiles and the textile industry through the eyes of artists. Taking place in galleries, museums and former textile mills across Blackburn, Hyndburn, Burnley and Pendle throughout September, the festival presents something for everyone – with exhibitions, residencies, major art installations and performances, workshops and a craft fair hosted by Selvedge magazine.

Sep 24th 2017