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Is She A Hippy?

Is She A Hippy?

Is She A Hippy?

Hand woven, printed and embroidered pieces were created during my AA2A artist's residency at Bradford School Of Art.

I have enjoyed studying at Bradford School Of Art:

Jewellery through Art & Design (Distinction) 1984

British Display Society Technicians certificate (Distinction) 1999

BA (HONS) Contemporary Design and Textiles (First Class) 2013

Being awarded the residency gave me an opportunity for reflection of my time spent

there over the years. A celebration of being back once again.

Something I couldn't shake, that kept coming back to mind were the comments made

during my life as an artist, they always surprised and intrigued me. I often wondered if

other artist's had the same comments said to them.

The most frequent being:

When are you going to make money?

When are you going to get a proper job?

What are you wearing?

And more recently, Is She A hippy?

The dates for my AA2A collection being shown at Bradford School Of Art has changed from December 2021 to April 2022 due to covid backlog.

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Nov 16th 2021