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Cite internationale de la tapisserie Aubusson

Cite internationale de la tapisserie Aubusson

The Cité & its museum

One of the reasons for my recent French trip was I wanted to re visit The Cité internationale de la tapisserie. My first trip there was with my students two years ago, when I taught natural dyeing and hand weave for a week at in Limoges. The Cité internationale de la tapisserie opened in summer 2016 in Aubusson (Creuse, France). The building of the former National School of Decorative Art in Aubusson has been entirely rehabilitated by Terreneuve architecture studio (Paris). The main objective of this new institution is to make visitors discover an age-old craftsmanship: Aubusson carpets and tapestries. In this tapestry museum, the heritage collections are presented in a brandnew and immersive exhibit. More than just a museum, the Cité de la tapisserie is a place of artistic creation, training and supporting the tapestry economic sector, which still remains complete and preserved within the territory of Aubusson and South Creuse after six centuries of existence.

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May 10th 2019